Weight Loss Tips For Women Over 35



Weight Loss Tips For Women

Best Weight Loss Tips For Women

In this busy world we live in,trying to juggle our family life around the 8-6 grind,we seem to be looking after the boss,the husband,the kids…but what about us!!.

Not getting enough sleep,not eating right and not enough exercise can affect our metabolism therefore changing the way our body burns calories.So it is time to put this right.

  Here are ten simple but proven methods you can integrate into your daily routine that will see those stubborn pounds just melt away..and they are free!!


Drink More Water – The average American today is dehydrated,due to the overconsuming of fast foods and coffee,which both contribute to dehydration.Fast foods are laden with high levels of salt and preservatives and coffee being a diuretic will decrease the amount of water in your body.Therefore begin your daily routine by hydrating yourself with three glasses of filtrated water upon arising,three glasses at lunchtime and two glasses at dinner time.The benefits of a hydration routine are the elimination of toxins from your body,a renewed feeling of vitality and energy.Hydration will take away hunger pangs,therefore reducing bloating and in time a increased metabolism.

Drink Green Tea – This little gold nugget is not widely known,it is natures antioxidant that when drunk in it’s natural form and infused in a cup of boiling water for say 15 minutes will produce a most refreshing drink even on the hottest of days and best of all once entering your blood stream the antioxidants will go to work and send signals to your brain to produce special hormones that have fat burning qualities,especially beneficial around the tummy.Iy is important that green tea is drunk in it’s natural form without sugar or cream as these additives will neutralize it’s benefits.Let’s face it if you can’t beat em then join em,the chinese have been drinking green tea for thousands of years and I rarely see a cuddly one ….so let’s start drinking three to four cups a day.Try my favourite with jasmine petals added..yum!

Get More Sleep – Medical Studies have shown that less sleep equals increased weight gain…why? Well the longer we stay up at night the more prone we are to snacking.Simply put by going to bed at 11pm instead of 9pm potentially can pile on 500 calories due to snacking.Plus getting that eight hours of peaceful slumber will trigger our metabolism to burn fat and the more sleep we have will turn into more fat burning,And finally a restful body produces a restful mind,leading to better nutrition choices the following day.Getting that eight hours sleep leads to less irritation,better choices and weight loss.

Less Alcohol and Sodas – As satisfying as a soda is on a hot day or a glass of wine after a long day at work,moderation is the key.Medical studies have shown that consuming a can of coke is equal to 143 calories,contains 40 grams of sugar and would take a 16 minute jog or 30 minute walk to exercise off.A glass of white wine contains between 82-143 calories and you would need to walk 2.5 kilometres to exercise it off and finally the humble glass f beer would require a 50 minute jog or a whopping one hour steady walk to melt the calories.

Eat Breakfast Always – It has been proven that if we don’t eat within two hours of awakening,that our metabolism will slow and more so when we get older.Therefore it is crucial that we make time to prepare a nourishing breakfast every day of the week.Now I know what you are saying,I need to get up 5am to catch the train to work and I don’t have the time to prepare a meal…I get a coffee and a pastry on the way to the office.Well it doesn’t need to be like that.Here’s a time saver,how about prior to going to bed cut up a banana,apple and six strawberries,pour over a mixture of natural yoghurt and honey.Put in a sealed container and keep in the fridge overnight.This will take all of five minutes and is packful of goodness and tastes yummy.As a consequence you will have renewed energy and your waistline will thank you for it.

Eat Smaller Meals More Often – Getting the right ratio between skipping meals and eating three oversized meals a day has always meant we put the calories on if we get it wrong.Well dieticians say the japanese have it right,they make time,maybe five or six times a day to eat a small bowl of their favourite food,usually low fat foods such as steamed rice with a small portion of fish or meat to compliment it.This way hunger pangs never appear,the food is nutritious and the fat content is usually minimal.The food is washed down with green tea producing more fat burning antioxidants.It has been proven that we eat with our eyes,smaller portions equal smaller appetite.

The Miracle Diet – What is known as the Mediterranian Diet is a lifestyle enjoyed by countries that adjoin Mediterranean and Agean seas.The Greeks for centuries have enjoyed long life virtually free of weight or medical issues and the answer is in their diet.A predominantly plant based diet including tomatoes,olives,garlic,onions,cucumber and natural goats cheese known as fetta are the staple ingredients of a greek salad.This delicious salad eaten with lean lamb and washed down with home made red wine,are the secret ingredients to a long life….why? As they are all natural with low saturated fats and loaded with minerals.

Cut Down Your Stress Levels – It has been medically proven that elevated levels of stress can make it difficult for the body to lose weight as we mature.So lets relax more and don’t take our job or life too seriously.Start off by treating yourself at least once a week to a body massage,start practising meditation or splash out in the jacuzzi.

Try Laughing – Did you know? That laughing heartily and seriously for 15 minutes a day can burn 50 calories or 4 pounds a year.Now 50 calories per day doesn’t sound much,but laughing is such fun and we adults live such a serious life and have sometimes forgotten the art of fun and laughter.Remember when you were a hild,everything was funny and had humor and we laughed till our tummis hurt and we were all lean and mean.

Join a Yoga Class – This ancient art of tranquillity and relaxation is highly recommended for those who like to exercise gently without pounding the sidewalk.Yoga is a exercise form where you can meditate and reconnect your body to your mind.Research has shown that a active session of yoga for a 150 pound person for one hour can melt 150 calories away.