Best Foods For Weight Loss

Can you lose weight by taking a pill or tonic? Maybe,but unfortunately we are only fooling ourselves at the end of the day,as filling our bodies up with harmful drugs and chemicals in the hope that they will be the magic elixir to losing weight can only be a threat to our health.The answer is not in a pill, rather in healthy living and eating the best foods.

The best foods for a long healthy life have numerous benefits such as being natural,packed full of fiber,boosting our metabolism,low in calories leading to weight loss. 

1.Mixed Salad – Your mom always said to eat your greens…right! The endless health benefits packed into your garden salad are endless,but they don’t have to be boring.My favourite for taste and variety is a Greek Salad.Loosley chop up a lettuce,a cucumber,cube five ripe tomatoes,core & cut a capsicum.Toss into a salad bowl and add two handfuls of kalamuta olives,a handful of cubed feta cheese,season with salt,pepper,olive oil and lemon juice.Stir in vigorously…delicious for your health and enjoy.

Home made chicken soup assists in weight loss.

Home made chicken soup assists in weight loss.

2. Chicken soup – Studies have proven that home made chicken soup has all the goodness to boost our immune system, cure the symptoms of a cold, and aid in  weight loss. The theory behind weight loss seems to be that soup fills us up. In addition when you add beans to your soup,the beans add fiber and chicken increases protein, also adding mixed vegetables will provide antioxidants, with these natural ingredients your goals to achieve weight loss are achieved. As soup fills your tummy you are less likely to over eat.

3. Lean cuts of beef & chicken – Lean cuts of beef promote weight loss as it provides the correct portion of protein of a dieters requirements. Amino acids found in lean beef also aid in weight loss and gaining muscle mass. Chicken, with it’s skin removed, is high in protein and has low levels of fat and has a great taste too.Chicken and meat can compliment a salad as a tasty weight loss addition.

4. Whole grains & oats – Whole grains and oats are chock full of fiber and offer a full and satisfied contentment,leading to the opportunity to eat less. All natural rolled oats and non processed oats are the most beneficial as they are non refined and fill your tummy up for hours without the need to snack.

5. Beans – Adding lentil, kidney,or cannellini beans to a casserole offer the benefits of protein and fiber added into one. Beans can be eaten in a kebab mixed with lean chicken or beef, or made into a healthy stew or even compliment a salad.

Not only do these foods promote weight loss they are also versatile and tasty as well.