Fitness Plans


Workout at home or the gym?

Workout at home or the gym?

Is your new year resolution to start your fitness plans and stick to them, it’s important to  consider carefully how you are going to design that workout. Most folks start out with good intentions,but don’t base or structure their workout for optimum results and after all that strenuous exercise deliver very little.

There are pros and cons to any workout,here are some proven tips to get your workout right the first time and deliver the body you always wanted by way of a planned approach.

Time Management – How much time have you devoted for gym sessions per week? Then build your program around this available schedule.

Your Workout Groups – Are you intending to concentrate on one muscle group per session or multiple muscle groups? You will need to plan this out to exactoptimum results and allocate your available time wisely.

Your Fitness Level Currently – Are you starting out as a beginner or on a more advanced level?

Home or Gym? – Will you be working out in your home gym or in a coordinated environment of your favourite local gym,that has all the professional equipment needed to succeed.

Your Fitness Plans – Are you planning just to lose weight or a full physical trim transformation?

What Are Your Favorite Exercises? – Do you prefer to concentrate on workout routines you are used to or are there some exercises you want to delete that you dislike and include some fresh routines you would enjoy.

Are You Socially Interactive? – Do you enjoy working out in a group environment or prefer running solo?

The Boredom Experience – Do you get bored on a workout program easily and do you often change plans? Do you find it hard to maintain interest?

Is Gaining Strength Your Main Priority? – Depending on your answer you will be able to plan the strength versus cardio sessions weekly.

What Is Your Level Of Motivation? – Do you need supervision by a personal trainer to inspire you or can you self motivate or do you enjoy a group environment.

Which Muscles Are Your Priority? – It is recommended a full body workout be performed,targeting your strength muscles in the arms,legs and thighs for endurance and the abs for inner strength.

Outside Of The Gym What Do You Do? This tells you how much gym time you can allocate while still recovering,and brings to your attention if further time is needed to achieve your fitness goal.