Does Crying Burn Calories

According to a recent study,who researched,does crying burn calories, that was released by the news site AsiaOne, crying can aid in weight loss. According to scientists, crying causes the body to release the hormone cortisol, which, at higher concentrations, can aid in fat burning.

The discovery is further supported by research by renowned biochemist William Frey, known as a “expert in tears.” His research indicates that crying brought on by stress or intense emotions aids in the body’s removal of toxins, which is also advantageous for weight loss.

does crying burn calories

Genuine Tears Only Show Results

Studies have also shown that crying is most effective between the hours of 7 and 10 pm, when cortisol release is at its highest.It is crucial to remember that the advantages of crying for weight reduction will be challenging for those with “hearts of stone.”

This is due to the fact that the responses that aid in weight loss only take place when the tears are genuine, that is, they are motivated by emotional factors. In this situation, cutting onion won’t help.

There are three categories of tears, according to scientists: basal, reflecting, and emotional.The most frequent tear, the basal tear, is in charge of keeping the eyes clean and hydrated. The Reflective develops as a result of eye irritation brought on by environmental particles or irritants.

The final type, emotional, is brought on by the person’s sentiments and emotions, including pain, tension, grief, and happiness. The latter alone can aid in weight loss.Few calories are burned during crying.

The cardiac muscles normally burn 8.5 calories per hour, but this amount increases under stressful conditions.A 155-pound person would burn between 298 and 372 calories in 30 minutes, depending on the speed and whether they are cycling outside or on a stationary bike, according to Harvard University.

does crying burn calories

Calories Burned Will Depend On Your Size

The number of calories burned will also vary depending on the person’s weight; it may be higher or lower depending on weight.It is believed crying burns 1.3 calories every minute. In other words, sobbing for 30 minutes uses 39 calories.

Compared to cycling or other forms of moderate exercise, this only burns a tiny fraction of the calories other activities do.Second, sobbing is a physiological reaction to strong emotions like pain, as already mentioned.

Your body creates oxytocin and endorphins, two hormones that are naturally occuring compounds that offer your brain the calming sensation you get when you cry for a long time.Eating and drinking are two activities that can potentially stress the body out, but they might not be able to boost cortisol levels to the same extent as other stressors.

Additionally, some stressors, such as eating, have a nett gain impact, which means that calories consumed exceed calories expended. As a result, these stressors are insufficient to significantly raise cortisol levels.

This suggests that crying burns 1.3 calories per minute due to an increase in the stress hormone cortisol in the body. In addition to the fact that sobbing does not burn enough calories to be considered a weight loss method, it is frequently challenging to start crying without experiencing strong emotions.

To cry in a way that greatly increases cortisol levels, you may need to be experiencing extreme joy or suffering. And if you want to use crying in the evening to lose weight, you might need to feel the emotion fully in order for it to work.

Any chemical, smoke, or dust used to elicit tears will not be successful. Therefore, think about alternate forms of exercise rather than waste the 30 minutes you would have spent talking to your partner on crying.

does crying burn calories

Alternative activities to burn calories efficiently

#1 Running, jogging, and cycling, are aerobic workouts.
#2 Rope jumping or skipping.
#3 Planks
#4 Pull ups and push ups
#5 Lunges

It should be noted that body exercises must be combined with other behavioral and dietary changes in order to successfully burn calories and promote weight loss. You must exercise regularly and abstain from eating unhealthily large meals.


Crying does not effectively burn calories (just as low as 1.3 calories per minute). The modest amount of calories that can be lost via crying may not be comparable to the agony you might cause yourself if you try to make yourself cry because crying also requires specific emotional conditions or triggers, such as discomfort.

Consequently, despite what has been claimed, caring is not advised as a method for reducing body fat or calorie intake. The list above also includes cardiovascular exercises like cycling, jogging, and running, among other activities, as additional efficient ways to burn calories.

Next time someone asks you if sobbing burns calories, be ready to quickly say “yes,” but also add that the calorie loss is minimal. It’s also crucial to remember that virtually all daily human activity actually burns calories. There is nothing unique about crying.

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